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Launching rdocalendar.com

Due to recent legal matters I had to take down nypdcalendar.com. I promised to launch rdocalendar.com (Same thing, different name) but wanted to wait a bit so that I would release a better version.

Upon seeing my friend recently he reminded me that calendar services are still needed regardless of it being a new version or not. So without further ado I announce rdocalendar.com! Currently it’s the exact same thing, but to borrow a con ed slogan: “we’re on it!” Hopefully the slogan isn’t trademarked. I had enough with that as it is.

UNlaunching of nypdcalendar.com

Due to a (fairly large actually) oversight on my part; today I was contacted by Gerard Singleton, an attorney from the NYC trademark enforcement office. This post marks the UN-launching of nypdcalendar.com. The site now redirects to a nyc.gov page.

The site is gone but the spirit isn’t. I’ve registered rdocalendar.com so stay tuned for updates (trademark infringement free this time).