Monthly Archives: March 2017

RDO Calender Development Update

Hello to anyone who actually reads this!

Unfortunately I don’t have the commitment to develop features at a steady pace. So enhancements wind up trickling in little by little as time goes by. Having said that, it seems that I’m currently on a spree and have been working on enhancements for RDO Calendar. Here’s some enhancements that were made recently:

  • Yearly Calendar View! This has been asked for by multiple people. There is now a link that will allow you to view the whole RDO year at once. I’m assuming it’s mostly used for printing. I’ve also optimized the print layout to fit on 2 pages if you print in landscape mode. Might have to shrink you margins a bit too.
  • Swipe right & left on mobile devices! If you’re on a smartphone you’ll no longer have to click the next/last month buttons, you can just swipe the month to go forward/back. This might work on touchscreen desktops too but I don’t have a good way of testing it.

I’ve got more features planned so stay tuned!