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Installing Firetray in Thunderbird 6

After installing Mozilla Thunderbird 6 I quickly discovered that one of my favorite add-ons was no longer working. Firetray is listed as incompatible with Thunderbird 6 but after searching around I discovered that it worked for some people after they compiled it from source.

Searching around in the build files revealed that the add-on needs a version bump to properly install. Once I changed the max version number and compiled the add-on it worked flawlessly!

You can download my x86_64 build or follow the steps below to compile it on your PC. The patch file (in the steps below) will bump up the version number. Compiling the add-on requires you to have gecko-sdk and scons already installed on your system.

mkdir firetray
cd firetray
wget "http://firetray.googlecode.com/files/firetray-0.3.1-src.zip"
unzip "firetray-0.3.1-src.zip"
wget "http://pavelshub.com/files/firetray-thunderbird6.patch"
patch generate_install_rdf.sh firetray-thunderbird6.patch