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Hello all Whitespace enthusiasts!

Here you can find information about my whitespace endeavor.

This is a whitespace interpreter written in C++, it has a little more features than the original interpreter written by Edwin Brady. I wrote this because I wanted a bit of C++ practice and had some free time over the summer. You can find out more information about the original idea on the whitespace website.


I used type long to represent all the stored data and memory. This means that if you try to store a number greater than LONG_MAX it will wrap around and be negative. Same goes for memory, you can’t address memory higher than LONG_MAX. Hopefully this won’t impede on any programs, although the factorial program hits its limit at 25! 🙁


Download the source
Download the x86_64 binary

Everything is GNU/GPL of course!

I realize that I have almost no documentation about it posted right now. If anyone wants to know the specifics, I’m on the whitespace mailing list. You can reach me from there. Please ask if you have questions, it will encourage me to put up more documentation.