I don’t have a lot to show for, but here’s a list of projects that I worked on. This description will probably change once I get my act together.

Vlad Tracker

So one of my best friends works for the NYPD and has one of those crazy schedules where he alternates his weekends to have 2 and 3 days off. So basically where ‘w’ is working and ‘o’ is not working his pattern is: 5w-2o-5w-3o continuously.

I was actually planning further versions, a calendar like php version as well as an android app. But seeing as he might not be working on the force much longer I’m always hesitant to spend time on it.

C++ whitespace interpreter

I had some spare time and wanted to do something in C++, so I made a simple C++ interpreter for the whitespace language. Definitely had a lot of fun while coding this.


MultiWord is a program that defines multiple words at once. Written in Java with a Swing GUI. Basically saves you the hassle of typing and pressing “define” in a regular dictionary if you have a list of words to define. Useful for High-School English class 🙂