Monthly Archives: October 2011


Due to recent legal matters I had to take down I promised to launch (Same thing, different name) but wanted to wait a bit so that I would release a better version.

Upon seeing my friend recently he reminded me that calendar services are still needed regardless of it being a new version or not. So without further ado I announce! Currently it’s the exact same thing, but to borrow a con ed slogan: “we’re on it!” Hopefully the slogan isn’t trademarked. I had enough with that as it is.

UNlaunching of

Due to a (fairly large actually) oversight on my part; today I was contacted by Gerard Singleton, an attorney from the NYC trademark enforcement office. This post marks the UN-launching of The site now redirects to a page.

The site is gone but the spirit isn’t. I’ve registered so stay tuned for updates (trademark infringement free this time).

These past few days I’ve been working on version 2 of Vlad Tracker. Although it may be a bit premature but I’m proud to announce the launch of It’s basically Vlad Tracker but adjustable so can be used by other members of the force. The default is set at his schedule but can be easily changed via the link on the bottom.

My next order of things will be branding & styling. After that I think I’ll write mobile browser friendly CSS and perhaps make the whole thing a facebook app.